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Orquesta Bembe is a formation of twenty musicians playing authentic salsa music. 
Orquesta Bembe started in 2001 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, as a jam session for professional musicians from mixed culteres, with the purpose to play authentic salsa music on a high level. 
Travelling back and forth from Puerto Rico to New York in the booming years of salsa music gave the director and founder of Bembe, Fernando Luis Garcia, the experience to recreate today the 'on fire' sound of those years and pass his knowledge and flavour on to other musicians. 
Under his guidance the jam session grew out to be a professional big band with a repertoire including all styles like rumba, guaguancó, cha cha cha, bolero, bomba, merengue and latin jazz; songs from all the great 'masters' of salsa from the fifties up till now and original tunes by Fernando Luis Garcia. 
The band keeps innovating and adding new tunes to the repertoire, in an effort to do justice to the originals and their composers,by bringing out the 'authentic fire' of salsa music. 
Being a 20 piece orchestra makes orquesta Bembe unique in the salsa scene, its reminiscent sound and overwhelming rythms are garanteed to make any audience dance.
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